Client Diaries

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Client Diaries

We are a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs; our entire brand is made out of stories and experiences we have shared with all of you. Here is an interesting story from one such incident.

Abha, our partner, got an order from the USA for a pair to be delivered in Mumbai. The guy insisted on a video FaceTime. She felt a little awkward, but following her gut and the innate values at Desi Hangover to always provide the best service to our customers, she agreed. To her surprise there was a man trying to explain her an order in sign language because of his special-ability, to get a footwear delivered(gifted) for his wife, who at that time was in Mumbai, ‘love requires no words’.

Patiently understanding the order and touched by the man’s love for his wife, she planned a personalized delivery of the products. Thus, on the day of the delivery, we bought a bouquet along with the perfectly made Desi’s and headed towards the address. Just to find out that the lady Skype with her husband in sign language, since she had a similar special-ability.

Finally, the delivery was made and these small instances of love are the ones that motivate us to go on with our mission of serving the best to our customers. The couple shared such true and genuine relationship.

Humbled to have a family at Desi Hangover, where each one of us understands, that the real business runs beyond the numbers and has a closure of emotional gratification. Each day we find peace in serving all our stakeholders well and ensuring good memories with every shoe bought and delivered. Thank you for being a special part of our journey.