Engineered for comfort!

Designed for comfort

It is not until your feet are enveloped in the comfort of our footwear, that you’ll truly understand our motto-Sole for Soul. Every stitch, every weave, every sheet of leather is perfected till it reaches our benchmark of excellence. So if you plan to be on your feet all day, Desi hangover shoes are the right choice for you. The foot bed that we use is created from suede leather to ensure that your feet in a soft cushioning and gain advantage from an accurate support.

Walk, sprint or run, go anywhere! The make of the footbed disperses your body weight evenly across your feet. Any kind of added pressure on your heels or your toes is hence prevented. Our footwear is designed for comfort.Skip the tedious run to buy new insoles, every time you face an issue with your shoes. Desi Hangover offers you a shoe that is complete with a quality insole. So if comfort is your style statement, our shoes await your feet.