Workshop for artisans : Incorporating our vision with the government's mission

The glory of India’s hand crafted Kolhapuris worldwide, is hardly a testimony for the conditions of its artisan community. Unfortunately, these artisans who bring home pride to our country have to face the obstacles of illiteracy, poverty and lack of resources till date. Change is thus need of the hour.

Recognizing the scope for out-of-the-box thinking in this field, the Khadi and Village Industries Board of Maharashtra (KVIB) adopted a progressive approach and initiated a first of its kind workshop for the artisan community. It was delivered by industry leaders and prominent government personnel. The workshop was undertaken with the objectives of understanding both the social and economical problems of the artisans and also finding coherent solutions to the problems making business easier.

With the participation of about four hundred artisans from in and around the villages of Kolhapur, the event was addressed by various respected people like, Mr. Subhash Desai (Minister of Industries and Mining), Mr. Vishal Chordia (Chairman, KVIB), Richa Bagla (CEO, KVIB), Mr. Rajesh Kshirsagar (MLA, Shiv Sena).  Amidst this crowd, Desi Hangover’s 360 degree model was narrated as a success story and the artisans were intrigued by the possibilities and opportunities for their traditional craft.

Hitesh Kenjale Abha Agrawal Lakshya Arora

Desi Hangover’s co-founder Hitesh Kenjale shared his journey of transforming their traditional craft into a globally appreciated product. The benefit of a customer-centric approach toward product development was explained.  He made known to the artisans the importance of their acceptance of innovation and technology; since only that could bridge the gap between the product and the market.  Desi Hangover along with KVIB promised to support the artisans and make Kolhapuris a global hit.


Abha Agrawal Hitesh Kenjale Lakshya Arora