I know it’s a leather shoe, but what about shoe bites?

We have got you covered there; each and every pair of Desi is engineered keeping in mind really sensitive skin. The organically tanned leather used in crafting the Desi ensures that it takes the shape of your feet after the first few uses and the added cushion provided at the collar area reduce the probability of shoe bite.

And the fit?

No reasons to worry. Desis are carefully handcrafted to provide the perfect fit each time, every time Still confused? Drop in a message at info@desihangover.in for some personalized advice.

I’ve really wide feet; how would the Desis fit me?

Of course, they will. The Desis are crafted to feel a little snug in the beginning, but the material used in crafting them ensures that they expand and take the shape of your feet after the first few uses. Read here to know more about your Desis.

Hey, I’ve heard taking care of leather shoes is really hard, how do I make my Desis last longer?

The organically tanned leather used in crafting Desis is like fine wine, it keeps getting better with time. But if you accidentally spill some wine on them, just wipe it clean a dry cloth and it is as good as new. Alternatively, you can use a natural leather cleaning cream or polish.

Hey, I love the shoes, what’s the lowest/highest size you’ve? I have really large/small feet.

You’ll really be surprised to know that our men’s range includes sizes as low as UK 7 and as high as UK 16. Similarly, our women’s range has UK size 3 as the lowest and 9 as the highest. Still need a bigger/smaller pair? Why don’t you drop in a line at info@desihangover.in and get your own customized Desi?

I want my Desis to be unique, can you customize it for me?

Of course, we do. Drop in a line at info@desihangover.in to get your own customized Desi delivered right to your doorstep. You can customize your Desis according to size or even add a dash of color by spicing up your Desis with some colorful stripes on the sides, the options are truly endless.

I can’t wait to try my new Desi, how long do I need to wait?

We don’t like making you wait forever for your Desis. That’s why within 48 hours of receiving the order, your Desis will be dispatched on their way to you.

Is there any option to track my order?

You can track your Desis all the way to your doorstep with the tracking id sent to you as an email notification at the time of dispatch. Need yet more information? Just drop a line at info@desihangover.in with your order no. to know more about the delivery details.

Actually, I would like to modify my order. Can I do it?

With all the options available, making a final choice is incredibly difficult, isn’t it? So if you have had a sudden change of heart and want to modify your order, just drop in a line at info@desihangover.in P.S.: Be considerate and contact us within 24 hours of placing the order, or your order may well be sent on your way.

Hey I’m in love with the Desis, where can I grab a pair?

Buy yourself a pair online or just visit our partner stores to give the Desis a try before making a choice. Just visit our Stores section to know the location of the store, closest to you. Also, do come and celebrate with us at the various national and international exhibitions and festivals we attend all year round. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about itinerary.

And where do you ship?

Thanks to the vast network of our courier network, we pretty much ship to all corners of the world. Need more information? Why don’t you drop a line to us at info@desihangover.in

What about the shipping charges?

We don’t charge for delivering your Desis to you throughout the country. For international shipping though, contact us at info@desihangover.in

And how do I pay for my Desis?

With our multiple payment options, paying for your Desis has never been easier. Conveniently pay by using Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or you can pay in Cash on Delivery mode too.

Hey I would like return/exchange the desis delivered to me, can you help?

We invest a great deal of love and care to individually handcraft each and every pair of Desis. For some reason though, if we have missed a spot, drop in a line at info@desihangover.in within 90 days of receiving the delivery and a pickup will be arranged. Just keep your order number and the bill/invoice handy; also do ensure that the pair being returned is in the condition it was delivered in, restocking and reselling a used pair isn’t really ethical, is it? If you want your Desis to be exchanged though, don’t forget to mention the size and color you need.

When can I expect my refund if I return my order?

Don’t you worry. Within 7 days of receiving the order at our warehouse, your refund will be sent your way.

I’m in love my Desis but what if they get damaged?

Oh, you might really be surprised to know that each and every pair of Desis come with a one-year manufacturing warranty. If there’s an issue with your Desis, just drop a line at info@desihangover.in relax, as make your Desis as good as new.

And what if I have to return/exchange a Desi, that I bought as a gift?

No need to break a sweat, just give us a message at info@desihangover.in to arrange for a pickup but do help us out with the order no. If the Desis need to be exchanged, provide us with the size and color and also don’t forget to mention the address where you want us to deliver your  gift.