Know your Desi Hangover shoe size

Step 1: Place your foot on an A4 sized sheet of paper (if your foot size exceeds UK-13, you might need to join two A4 size sheets vertically for accurate measurement).

Step 2: Mark the front and rear tips to measure the length of your foot (As directed in the image 1.0)

Step 3: Mark similar points sideways to measure the width of your foot (As directed in the image 2.0)

Note: This should be the longest length and the widest width of your foot.

Step 4: Remove your foot and measure the exact dimensions (in centimeters) between the dots. (As directed in the image 2.0)

Step 5: Send across the photo of the sheet of paper and the respective measurements, to your service assistant at Desi Hangover and they will assist you with a custom fit pair of Desis.