How to make an Exchange

1. How to make an exchange/ ask for a refund?

It’s simple. Contact us at friends@desihangover.com and we will help you process the same.

2. When can I expect my refund?

Give us a time of 7 working days and we will complete your refund.

Taking care of your desis

Leather Break In“We share with you our favourite tips, to break the ice between you and your Desis.” Leather shoes are here to last – and thus they take a wear or two to break – into your feet and fit perfectly.
Through our expert tips, we wish to ensure you chose yourself the perfect size and delve into a paradise of comfort while you walk around in them.

Step One :To hustle through the break-in process quickly, slip into your Desis and wear them
as often as you can. Initially, the shoe might feel like its hugging your toes but give
them a little time, and you’ll then have enough free space to wiggle your toes.

Step Two :The leather expands with time. We recommend you to chose the correct length, our
shoes will handle the width.

Step Three :Each shoe gets richer and darker in colour over time – thus making every pair
unique in style and fit. All we want you to do is give our Desis a little time to
mould themselves to the size of your feet perfectly.

Product Care Leather Care Leather shoes demand extensive affection and care even after they’re purchased.
We tan our leather using the barks of Sal tree and turmeric before delivering them to you.

Shoe Care Shoe Trees We recommend using the shoe trees, enclosed within the shoe box when you
receive our Desis. They will help you store the Desis well in shape.

Wet Shoes Towel dry any trace of water instantly. You can stuff the inner part of your shoe
with newspapers or a towel to absorb any residual moisture from inside. Once done, leave your Desis to dry at room temperature. Clean + Condition
A soft-bristled brush or cotton cloth, should be ideally used to swab away any scuffs or dirt from the shoe. Incase of a smooth leather shoe, use a leather cleaner.

Polish We recommend using Neutral Leather Wax, for polishing your shoes. Polish must be applied evenly using cotton balls or flannel polishing cloth – post which they must be left to dry. Any excess polish must be removed later, swiftly using a
hair-shoe polish brush.

Sole Saver Rubber sole savers help to increase longitivtiy. Incase the rubber heel cap or leather begins to wear down, we suggest replacing them at a close-by repair shop or shoot us an email at friends@desihangover.com

Shipping & tracking my order

1. How long do I have to wait before getting my Desis?

Your order is delivered within  7-12 working days. We generally dispatch the orders within 48-72 hours through our delivery partners.

2. How Can I track my order?

Once your product is shipped, we send you an email notification with a tracking id which you can use on the courier partners website to track your shipment.

Alternatively, drop in a message at friends@desihangover.com to know the status of your delivery.

3. What if I want to change/cancel my order?

We understand if you want to cancel/change your order. But you have to do so before the dispatch of the order which is usually done in within 48-72 hours from the time of ordering.

To change/cancel the order or drop in a line for the same at friends@desihangover.com

4. What are the shipping charges?

We offer free shipping across the U.S.A

Why the name DesiHangover?

Desi means local/ staying close to the roots. Our products are derieved from local communities that are empowered and enabled by our model to make beautiful products for you.

The word Hangover refers to an extended state of mind and together with Desi refers to a lifestyle which is derived from products made by grass root communities.

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Please email us at friends@desihangover.com

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