Materials used and source

  • Vegetable (Bag) Tan Leather

    Vegetable (Bag) Tan Leather

    Bag Tanning is the most eco friendly way of treating leather. It is a process which uses all natural materials such as Bark of Babul Tree, Myrobian Nut as tanning agents. There are only a handful of communities that still practise this and we are trying to preserve them through our model.

    Location- Nippani
  • Chrome free leather

    Chrome free leather

    Chrome- free tanning is manufactured without chromium during the tanning process, and there are no harmful chemicals. These hides are often called wet white because the processed leather often has a white coloring. The color itself can contain chemicals that can be potentially be damaging to the environment.

    Location- Chennai
  • Thermoplactic Rubber sole

    Thermoplactic Rubber sole

    Thermoplastic rubber or elastomers are an excellent choice from an environmental standpoint. TPE materials made from non-toxic recyclable plastics are highly eco-friendly. TPE consumes less energy during production than other materials and can often be recycled by molding or extruding.

    Location- Mumbai

The process of Vegetable (Bag) Tanning Leather

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