The process of Vegetable Tanning of Leather

Vegetable tanning, a traditional and eco-friendly leather processing method, derives from natural sources such as tree barks, leaves, and roots. This technique transforms raw hides into durable, beautiful leather. Unlike chemical tanning processes, vegetable tanning enhances the leather's natural characteristics, infusing it with a rich, earthy aroma and a unique patina that deepens over time. This age-old method not only yields high-quality leather but also signifies a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship in every finished product.

At DesiHangover, we exclusively use and promote Vegetable Tanned Leather, supporting traditional leather processing communities with centuries-old expertise. This material has a rich history, closely intertwined with our footwear-making communities. Watch the video to immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural, time-honored raw material.